Bianca James

The Sydney Colon Health Clinic was opened by Bianca James, a registered nurse, in August 1991 to fulfil a much needed professional service in the area of Natural Colon Health & Colonic Lavage Therapy.

Our high standards and commitment to excellence, and the professional service we provide, makes The Sydney Colon Health Clinic unique and the leader of our profession in Australia.

Since 1991 we have administered over 70,000 treatments to some 7,000 clients.

The main features of our clinic services include:

Colon Health Clinic
  • Our treatment units are leading edge technology, custom designed by us and built to exacting standards in Australia.
  • There are 4 ultra modern treatment rooms with private facilities.
  • Our Colon Therapists are all female Registered Nurses, experienced and caring, who have undertaken extensive training & certification in the area of Natural Colon Health and Colonic Lavage Therapy.
  • Infection Control Policies and Quality Assurance policies and procedures are strictly adhered to and maintained at the highest possible level for all clients, visitors and staff.
  • All tubing is sterile, prepacked, disposable and TGA approved.
  • Our Rectal Tubes are pencil thin and also sterile, prepacked, single use and TGA approved.
  • Ultra purified water, at body temperature is gently introduced into the bowel (non pressurised).
  • Our waste is disposed of in accordance to strict contaminated waste regulations.

All of the above enable us to deliver a very professional service to you in this important area of Natural Colon Health & Colonic Lavage Therapy.