Gallstone Flush

(No special program can be undertaken until the Discovery Program has been completed, or water has reached the hepatic flexure).

Gallstone Elimination

The Sydney Colon Health Clinic offers an incredible non-surgical program that can successfully remove Gallstones varying in size from small gravel-like stones to large stones. This is a popular and safe alternative for those clients wanting to avoid hospitalisation and surgery.

This is a 14 day program which includes consultation and a comprehensive program and protocol guide, 7 colonics over the 14-day period and all supplements. There is no surgical cutting of the flesh or scarring. You can even take your gallstones home.

The Gallstone Flush Program is a highly successful, tested method to flush the Gallbladder. It is a gentle, natural, painless and safe way to eliminate gallstones. You will require a diagnosis by a licensed medical practitioner and, if possible, provide us with X-ray or Ultrasound.

Dietary and lifestyle changes are recommended to avoid this condition re-occurring.