Mini Cleanse Program

(No special program can be undertaken until the Discovery Program has been completed, or water has reached the hepatic flexure).

For those on the run and who don’t have much time to spare from their intense lifestyle, this is a fast and effective 7-day program that gives you a general yet invigorating body detoxification. All you need is 5 colonic treatments and completion of an apple juice fast. The program includes a comprehensive program guide, consultations, tests, nutritional support, colonics and supplements.

Although it will not remove the black tar-like matter adhered to the bowel, it will give you a great cleanse, which can immediately improve the quality of your daily life. It is also a fantastic way to prepare yourself for the Ultimate Cleanse. Areas of improvement that you may experience include sustained energy, increased levels of concentration, reduced stress, easier digestion and sound or undisturbed sleep! Although the program is mini, the results are not!