Parasite Elimination

(No special program can be undertaken until the Discovery Program has been completed, or water has reached the hepatic flexure).

Intestinal parasites are a major health risk and can be picked up from our food and water and contact with others. This program assists in removing parasites, their unhatched eggs, and their waste products, from the colon.

Before commencing the program a Complete Digestive Stool Assessment (CDSA) will be carried out, to ascertain in fact that there are parasites present, and what kind.

It takes about 5 working days for the results of this test to return to the clinic.

The Parasite Program is a 14-day program and includes: CDSA, analysis of results, a comprehensive program and protocol guide, 7 colonics and all supplements.

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Bolus of Ascaris

Reprinted from the Atlas of Gastroenterolgy JJ Misciewicz 1999

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